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Gauteng Branch

Deflection measurements with Dynatest FALLING WEIGHT DEFLECTOMETER (FWD)

  • Equipped with 9-11 seismic sensors to provide deflection basin caused by controlled load
  • SHRP Reference calibrated by SABS
  • Three fully calibrated and operational FWD’s to meet our customer demand
  • FWD mobility enable us to work across RSA borders in Africa and even on other continents if required.
  • FWD generated data combined with layer thickness can be used to obtain in-situ resilient E-moduli of a pavement
  • structure which in turn can be used in a structural analysis to determine bearing capacity, estimate expected life and calculate an overlay requirement.

Friction measurements with Findlay Irvine GRIPTESTER Mark II and Douglas MuMeter Mark VI

  • For use on Roads & Airport runways
  • Fixed slip device enabling continuous measurements
  • Horisontal (Drag) and vertical (Load) forces are measured continuously
  • Measuring tyre is ASTM Type A and quality is strictly controlled
  • PIARC calibrated to measure IFI

Profiling with Dynatest Road Surface Profiler 5051 Mark III & IV

  • IRI to class 1 standard as per ASTM E950.
  • Rutting Profiles taken with 17 lasers.
  • DGPS allows easy integration of GIS.
  • Integrated digital photos every 10m back and front.
  • Real time data processing.
  • All traffic speeds.
  • Network, Project and Quality Acceptance Surveys (for Penalty/Bonus Situations)

KwaZulu-Natal Branch

Binder Tests

  • Complete SANS 4001 BT1 tests including Ductility.
  • All specified modified Binder Tests according to Asphalt Academy Technical Guidelines 1 including Flash Point.
  • Binder Recovery.
  • SABS 309 and SABS 548 tests on bitumen emulsions.
  • Complete SANS 4001 BT2 Testing on Cutback Bitumen.

Repeated Load testing using a NOTTINGHAM ASPHALT TESTER.

  • Dynamic Creep
  • Resilient Modulus
  • Fatigue at constant stress

Accelerated Pavement Testing using a MMLS3. We are able to do deformation tests on the following options:

  • Laboratory prepared briquettes.
  • Field Cores.
  • Laboratory compacted Slabs.
  • In-situ on-site tests.

Asphalt tests

  • Modified Lottmann/Moisture Sensitivity Evaluation
  • Air Permeability at 7% voids as well as Water Permeability
  • Marshall tests including ITS
  • Troxler Gyratory Compaction
  • Mix designs
  • New SA Hot-Mix design method
  • Bayley Method of aggregate packing
  • SMA
  • Porous Asphalt
  • Slurry designs
  • UTFC Designs


  • Polished Stone Value
  • Methylene Blue
  • Riedel and Weber stripping
  • Fine Aggregate Angularity
  • Rigden Voids
  • Many other routine tests

SRT supplies testing services for private industry, including contractors and consultants, as well as municipal, provincial and national authorities - to evaluate the properties of materials and design inputs for the management of road networks.

These tests consist of specialised bitumen and asphalt testing as well as non- destructive and specialised road surveillance testing.

Please refer to the following persons for  pricing:

For Laboratory Tests

SRT East
Branch Manager : Kele Makamu

For MMLS test

SRT East
Contact person : Kele Makamu

For Road Surveilance

SRT North
Branch Manager : Marc Knowles

Project Manager : JD Maritz

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