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C.R.T. NU-14 Asphalt TesterAsphalt Tester

Research by Brown and Cooper in the early 1990’s at Nottingham University led to the development of the Nottingham Asphalt Tester (NAT). The NAT‘s load is applied pneumatically versus the more expensive hydraulic systems.

We have recently upgraded the NAT to a C.R.T. NU-14 asphalt tester. Amongst the tests that can be performed is the Dynamic Creep Modulus, Stiffness Modulus and Fatigue tests in ITT mode at constant stress or constant strain - without load reversal. It also has the capability to determine the Dynamic Modulus of Asphalt mixes.This will be an important test in the future design method.

Polished Stone Value

We are operating an ELE Polished Stone Value tester and its associated Portable British Pendulum tester. The PSV machine belongs to the University of Pretoria ,but SRT East operates it commercially on the basis of supplying data to the University for research purposes. This is subject to our clients’ confidentiality criteria.

The SABS 848 / BS812 test methods are used.

By supplying accurate and timeous results the test has become much more widely used.


Troxler Superpave Gyratory Compactor

Superpave has left its mark on South Africa with the introduction of the Troxler Superpave Gyratory Compactor in 1996. Having one of only four in the country places our laboratory in a good position to offer a complete service to our clients.

At present, the new S.A hot-mix design method requires that a compactive effort to 300 gyrations be used. This is to simulate the air voids left in the layer at the end of the design life, in cases when extraordinary high traffic loading, beyond the normal, takes place.

We have been operating a Troxler Model  4140  Superpave Gyrator since 1996 and recently we imported the new Troxler  Model  5850 Superpave Gyrator. This is equipped with a shear testing capability that will enable us to give our clients another dimension, namely  the  prediction of an asphalt mix’s compactability in the field.


Binder Testing

Our laboratory is equipped, experienced and accredited to test to the new SANS 4001 BT1 penetration grade bitumen specifications, which replaces SANS 307.

All the specified tests for modified binders, according to AsAc Tg 1 2007 specifications, can be tested at our laboratory.

Bitumen Emulsion testing according to SANS 309 (Anionic) and SANS 548 (Cationic) are part of our range of binder testing that can be performed.

We are also capable and equipped for Cutback Bitumen testing to SANS 4001BT2.

Lastly invert emulsion primes, emulsion primes and pre-coating fluids can also be tested

Asphalt Tests

With our trained and experienced staff and extensive range of equipment we are well positioned to perform asphalt mix designs and a large number of tests. Our area of expertise ranges from mix designs for asphalt mix designs for major highways and airports to slurry designs.  We have recently acquired a Coreloc apparatus for bulk density determinations.

Aggregate Tests

An extensive range of aggregate tests can be performed by us and this is further augmented by our association with Soilco Materials Investigations.

Emulsion and Foam Stabilised Bases

We are able to do emulsion stabilised base designs as per the SABITA Manual 14 and the SABITA Manual 21 as well as As Ac tgz requirements through our association with Soilco Materials Investigations.



Anton PaarVisco ThermPerformance Grade (PG) Testing

We have purchased and installed an Anton Paar Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR) as well as a Pressure Ageing Vessel (PAV).  This will enable us to  determine the  Performance Grade (PG) of binders to the US as well as the future South African specifications.

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For Laboratory Tests

SRT East
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SRT East
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For Road Surveilance

SRT North
Branch Manager : Marc Knowles

Project Manager : JD Maritz

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