FACE Dipstick

 FACE DipstickBy Far the Best Accuracy

Produces a Better Profile than a Rod & Level  

The Dipstick is used and specified in 63 countries by clients including the world's biggest company and retailer, the World Bank, the World Road Association.

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Griptester Mark II

The Griptester is a three wheeled trailer with a weight of 85 kg. The single measuring wheel is braked by 15% and the load and drag on this wheel are continuously measured. Measuring tyre is ASTM Type A. The friction coefficient (load/drag), known as the GripNumber (GN), is transmitted to a data collection computer held in the cab of the towing vehicle.

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Falling Weight Deflectometer

The Falling Weight Deflectometer enables the engineer to determine a deflection basin caused by a controlled load with accuracy and resolution superior to other existing test methods.

The FWD produces a dynamic impulse load that simulates a moving wheel load, rather than a static load. This allows the use of mechanistic based design methods


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Road Surface Profilers Mark III & IV

SRT has acquired a Dynatest Road Surface Profiler 5051 Mark 11(RSP) that provides an advanced, automated, high quality pavement roughness and related measurements solution to engineers worldwide. The RSP is capable of real time continuous high-way speed measurements of longitudinal profile(International Roughness Index (IRI), Ride Number, transverse profile, rut depth, macro texture, geometrics (crossfall, curvature and gradient)).

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ARRB Walking Profiler G2

ARRB Walking Profiler G2The ARRB Walking Profiler is a precision instrument designed to facilitate the efficient collection and presentation of continuous paved surface information, including distance, profile, grade and International Roughness Index (IRI).

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Model Mobile Load Simulator

MMLSFor decades pavement and material engineers have been trying to predict the in-service performance of pavement and material systems. The Model Mobile Load Simulator (MMLS), together with an experienced team of operators, can be used to make these predictions, both on-site and within the laboratory.

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